Ask Adriana – “No conditioner please, it weighs me down!”

For some reason, I have beauty guru written all over my face. I get questions all the time – hair care, makeup, fashion, you name it! I couldn’t feel more honored, I have a bunch of knowledge, and people asking for it makes it not so useless.

Which, leads me to one of the biggest misconceptions about hair products: conditioner will weigh my fine, flat hair down. It pains me when I hear women say this. Here’s the truth ladies – the right conditioner can actually do the exact opposite. When you shampoo your hair, no matter how amazing, or free of sulfates the shampoo may be its job is simple, to remove the excess sebum and any product from your hair. How does it do so? Detergent agents. And that’s fine, because we want not only good smelling, clean hair, but clean scalps! So you’ve shampooed and your hair is clean, but now your hair cuticle is wide open. Think exfoliating your skin. Would you use your favorite papaya or apricot scrub and then not moisturize? I sure hope not, and if you did, think how dry it would be after and the wrinkles that could happen – eeeek.

Hello, conditioner! As a hair colorist, and stylist, I say this with not only experience, but genuine honesty. You need conditioner. It will not weigh you down, if you are using the right product. With no conditioner, your hair is dry, no matter what you do to it, it’ll lack shine and movement. Adding the right amount of the proper product will help your hair bend, and will protect it from damage of styling. As a baby-fine haired gal myself, I’ve been down this road. My new BFF? Living Proof Full Conditioner. This bottle of heaven is light-weight, silicone free: no plastics on my hair thank you very much, and color safe. You’d fall in love even if I didn’t tell you all of this, the smell is life changing.